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    About Us

    In today’s complex payments world, it’s critical to have strategists and consultants on your side to help you meet the opportunities and challenges you have. We understand that your business comes with its share of challenges. We help you to anticipate, plan for and address these challenges by giving customized advice and recommending the right products and services based on your unique business situation.


    Simplify the Invoice Capture & Workflow Process
    Take care of your invoices from beginning to end by maximizing your efficiencies and replacing your manual AP processes. With the CommercePayments™ AP Invoice Automation solution, invoices are received, scanned, placed in a workflow for approval and readied for payment according to your unique rules and policies.


    Automate AP & Keep Your Existing Processes
    CommercePayments™ Payment Hub is an integrated payables solution that works with your accounting system to accept all supplier payment types. Once you’re ready to pay your suppliers, send us a payment file. We’ll make the payments via the methods your suppliers prefer and send you a reconciliation file when payments have been processed. This solution gives you the benefits of payment automation, like supplier enrollment and support, without changing your AP process.


    Digitize Payments & Earn Additional Revenue
    Easily customized for your business, the CommercePayments™ AP Card works with your existing accounting system and provides an opportunity to earn monthly revenue share by replacing paper checks with electronic payments through the card networks. Create a new revenue stream for your business while reducing operating costs, minimizing risk and maximizing float time.

    Ditch Checks & Pay Customers Fast
    Pay your customers the way they want to be paid with CommercePayments™ PreferPay™. With flexible payment options like Direct-to Debit, customers can have their payment pushed directly to their Visa® or Mastercard® debit card and can receive their funds in as little as 30 minutes. The best part of PreferPay™ is its flexibility across multiple industries. From refunding customers to rewarding employees, PreferPay™ can be used for any payment to any individual.


    Product Information

    We have high-touch, high-service strategists dedicated to empowering your payments. But the payments business demands more, and that’s why our team of consultants make the difference in helping you uncomplicate the complicated. Let us help you achieve your AP automation goals! Contact us today for a complimentary analysis of your payments!