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    Ron Goldshmidt
    Chief Revenue Officer
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    Mia Hummel
    Content Marketing Manager
    Dan Klein
    Head of Client Retention & Expansion
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  • Briq

    511 Olive Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 United States

    About Us

    Rely on data-backed, construction specific analytics to drive your business strategy. 

    Briq is a financial intelligence and forecasting platform built for construction. Using modern technology such as robotic process automation, machine learning, AI, and predictive analytics We help contractors use their data to make better financial decisions and improve business processes.

    Our proprietary technology allows you to reduce overhead costs by automating repetitive tasks, so there is no risk of human error. All data is 100% accurate and immediately available to leverage.

    Briq uses data analysis across all your systems (think your accounting system, PM system, ERP, etc.) to identify your leaky bucket. If there are costs that go outside the norm based on your historical activity, Briq will tell you right away.

    Not only does Briq mitigate risk, we find ways to enhance profit during a project. With your WIP fully automated, you can make more accurate forecasts on cash flow, labor, and cost-to-complete.

    Briq joins modern technology, with hundreds of years of combined construction experience to give you deep insights into your business.

    Contact us for a consultation to see how we can work together. Hint: If you’re using Excel a lot, Briq can help. 

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