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    About Us

    Comdata is the leading payment solutions provider to the construction industry with more than 1,000 industry clients – thanks in large part to our long-standing partnership with the CFMA. Comdata shares a portion of rebates from all CFMA member clients with local chapters of the Association. 

    We offer comprehensive technology and expense management tools to help you pay employees, vendors and purchase materials while reducing costs and creating new revenue streams – all of which integrate directly with most accounting systems and ERPs.

    We have grown to be the second largest commercial issuer of Mastercard in North America thanks to our 46-year history of developing innovative electronic payment products. Key products we offer to the construction industry include:

    • Comdata Corporate Cards: Eliminate the need for your employees to carry multiple company credit cards. With the Comdata Corporate Card, you can customize a Mastercard program for your company to allow employees to pay for a variety of goods and services, travel expenses, fuel and materials with a single card. Spending limits and authorizations are completely customizable to fit your business needs.
      • Fuel Cards: For employees who only need to buy fuel, Comdata offers multiple products for construction companies of all sizes. Gain access to an extensive network of fuel discounts, as well as comprehensive data to better manage fuel expenses.
    • Workforce Payment Solutions: Whether it’s for payroll, per diems, rewards or reimbursements, you probably print a lot of checks for your employees. Comdata has prepaid card programs that allow you to deliver those funds on a reloadable card that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. That means less administrative work and more spend flexibility.
      • Payroll Cards:  Comdata was a pioneer in creating card-based products to distribute wages electronically instead of by check. Reduce the time spent administering a paper-based payroll program and give your employees the flexibility to use their payroll card to make purchases or withdraw cash from any ATM.
    • Virtual Credit Cards for Accounts Payable: Eliminate paper checks and streamline your AP function by paying invoices with an electronic, virtual credit card. Our solution is fully integrated with your ERP, making reconciliation quicker and easier. The best part is that you get monthly money-back rebates on all spending, so you essentially get paid to pay your vendors.
    • Travel Expense Management: Comdata’s suite of Travel Expense Management solutions provide better control over your business travel program, less fraud risk, more savings and the data and insights your team needs to negotiate the best rates with travel providers. Comdata also makes life on the road easier for your employees with industry-leading mobile applications to manage travel and submit expense reports.
      • Expense Track by Comdata: We developed our proprietary expense management tool specifically for construction companies. We understand the specialized needs you have around job coding, obtaining receipts from the field, transaction approvals and expense reporting. CEMS integrates with most ERP and accounting systems – and it is accessible from multiple web and mobile applications.