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    About Us

    With almost 35 years of experience under our belts, we’ve learned a few things about what Construction companies need and want when it comes to technology.  We’ve seen many changes in computers and how they’re used in the Construction industry.

    We’ve helped our clients navigate these changes to save time and money, which goes straight to their bottom line.

    When it comes to construction, you won’t find another IT company with as much expertise and knowledge in using technology, hardware and software, to run your business. Our clients are experts when it comes to running their work, and we’re the trusted expert when it comes to using technology to streamline the back office.

    In 1995, we were looking for a construction-specific accounting and project management software solution. From that moment on we’ve been installing, implementing, and supporting Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder back then) for our contractors. We even use it at Syscon!

    What’s the biggest headache in the office every week? Collecting and processing the field time! We have the cure: our fully integrated FIT System. Even the field tells us it’s so easy to use. Our bookkeepers can’t imagine processing payroll without it.

    We’ve processed millions of hours of field time through this app across all 50 states!

    What the biggest headache each month? Compiling all the data, allocating costs, and figuring out the Over/Under Billing (Work In Progress)! We’ve written custom analytical software that fully integrates with Sage 100 Contractor including custom reports to meet these complex needs. They’re great time-savers, and since the data comes from S100C, they’re accurate.

    All this great software needs a home, so we have a Network team that provides full-service IT including Cloud Hosting, Backups, Security, and on premise Networks. Sometimes, it’s not so obvious if the problem you’re experiencing is related to the software or the computers. We provide one place to call so you don’t get passed back and forth among multiple companies waiting for help. We have experts at Syscon that know the software and the infrastructure it runs on. This saves time and frustration so you can get back to work.

    We are Sage Business Partners and Sage Third Party Developers. That means we can sell and implement Sage 100 Contractor for you and your staff. That also means we’ve designed and built custom add-ons that integrate fully with Sage 100 Contractor. Our custom add-ons include our Field Integrated Time (F.I.T.) System, Cost to Complete, Indirect Cost Allocation, Positive Pay, and Over Under Billing, just to name a few. We have some short video introductions to these tools and we hold regular webinars to learn more about how they work.

    We can also protect and maintain your computers and network. We have the basics of course, anti-virus to protect your computers and your business data; spam filters to prevent scammers and spammers from cluttering your inbox. We can even monitor your equipment performance so problems can be addressed BEFORE your workflow is interrupted. We have solid backup and disaster recovery solutions, along with supporting your firewall, servers, and infrastructure.

    For companies that don’t want to take care of a local server, we provide server hosting and Sage 100 Contractor hosting. Our cloud computing services allow you and your staff to work from any computer that has internet access. We help construction companies move the right data to the cloud for the ideal workflow, keeping productivity and security at the highest possible levels.

    Fun Story: In 1986, a mason contractor called saying his computer wasn’t working. He had heard from a colleague and friend (our father) that we knew something about computers. We said we did, so he said ‘come fix it’ and hung up the phone, marking the beginning of our Network Services for contractors. Co-founders Larry and Catherine Wendt began to introduce computers to contractors for their accounting, estimating, and project management. As our company grew, so did its offerings. Syscon continues to implement best-in-class solutions for construction businesses. Check out our short weekly Video Blog posts and our monthly newsletters!

    Product Information

    Our Field integrated Time (FIT) System connects your field and back office using their cell phones/tablets to input their field time. The Foreman can review the time, then it’s available in Sage 100 Contractor, seamlessly! We use your jobs and cost codes since it’s fully integrated. You can control security, and who sees what. Time is entered individually or for a crew. Payroll approves the time, then pushes a button to move the info to payroll to process. that’s it!
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