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    P.O. Box 25928, Oklahoma City, OK 73125 United States

    About Us

    Thirty-one years ago Wink Ames and Steve Minard made the decision to combine their expertise and form Minard-Ames Insurance Services LLC. It was a very exciting time and the name represented the hard work, integrity and relationships they cherished so much. This evolution continued and more than a decade ago, we took on an incredible partner called INSURICA, and became known as Minard-Ames/INSURICA to maintain the recognition of a name that promises a team who is local and committed to doing what’s right for our trusted clients. That legacy continues in the hard work, sincerity and industry commitment of the team and in January of this year, we became INSURICA Southwest.

    Our decisions have always been based on doing the best for those we serve. We believe we are known for our customer service, a team committed to the industry and heavily invested in the local network. Additionally, we have access to resources to share best practices, the ability to stay ahead of the industry trends and actively leveraging resources through INSURICA that allow us to serve our clients at the highest level and afford them the advantages of an expansive carrier network to serve them as they grow.

    INSURICA Southwest consists of 26 team members almost exclusively focused on the construction industry, as has been the case since 1989. We continue to value both education and teaching, providing countless seminars over the years to various construction trade associations and our customers.

    INSURICA as a whole places nearly $1 billion in annual premiums for its clients, is among the
    50 largest insurance brokers in the United States, and is currently the 23rd largest privately-held independent agency in the country.

    INSURICA employs more than 570 colleagues in 28 offices located throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Arizona, and California.

    INSURICA was founded in 1959 by C.W. Cameron and today is led by Mike Ross, President and CEO.


    Minority ownership is Blake Johnson, President, Mike Specht, Vice President, Andrew Atkinson, Partner and Eric Pach, Partner.  Majority ownership is with INSURICA. 

    Management, accountability, and day-to-day decision-making remains with INSURICA Southwest. INSURICA provides a true hands-off approach with their primary role being to provide support and resources.



    Our culture is built on mutual respect, hard work and dedication to the industry we serve, accountability to our customers, exceptional customer service and an ever present appreciation for the fact that they all have options when it comes to insurance.



    To manage risk for our Clients. To build a rewarding environment for our Colleagues. To produce an acceptable return for our Shareholders.


    Our reputation is one of honesty and integrity and we will perpetuate it. We fulfill commitments and we keep our promises. We follow-up when we say we will. We will be honest with each other, with our clients and with our partners in the industry. Our decisions will be based on the motto: “Do what is right.”


    Positive attitudes are contagious. We will have fun and enjoy our work. (Laughing is required). “Can do” attitudes produce success and we will celebrate our successes.


    We choose to work here. We choose to delight customers, associates and our partners because we sincerely care. Every job and every function will have meaning and we will continually strive for improvement. At the end of the day we will be proud of our accomplishments.


    Our expertise has always been where our passion lies; construction. We work with larger (mostly commercial) trade contractors and general contractors. We have customers doing both vertical and horizontal work. While the majority of our customers are in what we call the “guaranteed cost” market, through the efforts of Eric Pach, we have over twenty contractors in various Captive insurance arrangements.

    From a service standpoint, we understand the pace of construction and the need to respond accordingly.  While we are not contractors, we are constantly learning their business to help us better understand and address their risks. This is a very important part of this agency and something Mr. Ames instilled in us many years ago.

    INSURICA Specializes in Construction

    When it comes to getting the job done, no one knows their way around the site quite like the INSURICA Construction Experts.

    Our extensive experience in virtually every segment of the construction industry gives us a holistic view and in-depth understanding of:

    •             General contractors

    •             General engineering contractors

    •             Specialty trade contractors

    Building a Better Risk Program

    By consulting on location and analyzing your past claims history, INSURICA’s Construction Experts can put together comprehensive plans to help protect you, your workers and your company.

    Our insurance management team works directly with you and your workers to develop trade-specific safety training, pre-employment testing and screening and predictive modeling to help:

    •             Minimize workers’ compensation claims

    •             Reduce insurance premiums

    •             Eliminate OSHA citations

    •             Uncover cost savings opportunities

    •             Experience modifier management

    Put the Power of an Entire Network Behind Your Job.

    With the INSURICA Insurance Management Network, you’ll have access to construction- specific coverages and services, such as:

    •             Environmental/Pollution

    •             Joint-Venture Coverage

    •             Management & Employment Practices Liability

    •             Professional Liability/A&E

    •             Contract Analysis

    •             Safety Programs (including Return-To-Work Programs, Accident Investigation Training/Assistance, Job Site Safety and OSHA Compliance)

    •             Surety Bond Programs

    •             Certificate of Insurance Review Programs

    •             Wrap-ups/OCIPs